April 11, 1998
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April 11, 1998

I have been exploring my new world a great deal over the past two weeks. I've discovered the windows don't look out on a whole lot, the couch is the best place to sit, and it smells kinda like another cat when I press my nose up against the door and sniff.
My human has been home a great deal lately, and she has been playing with this thing A LOT, so I haven't been able to get my turn to work on anything here.
Today my human pounded on the walls and the next thing I knew her pictures are hanging up there. It was really weird. When she started the pounding, I ran into the bedroom, The noise hurt my ears.
She also has been grilling up a lot of chicken and turkey. Today she let me have some turkey. It wasn't too bad, but she hadn't fed me yet so as you know, when you are hungry, everything tastes good. I haven't heard the phone ring nearly as much as it used to since we've been here, I wonder what that means?
Well, I feel a nap coming on, I'd better go.
See you soon!