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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Poor Me - Evil Mabel

I'm having trouble these days getting up on to the sink to drink my water. I think the human has waxed the edge of the bathtub. It's much more slippery than it used to be. When I jump up onto the edge of the tub I most often end up IN the tub rather than on the edge. Then it is just so slippery once I get up there that I can't jump from the tub onto the edge of the sink. This is most annoying. And I'm always thirsty now because the water in the dish is just not worthy of drinking. It's old...not fresh like the water in the sink. And Mabel, she's all spry and mocking. She leaps straight up onto the sink and sits there teasing me. "What's your problem Bijou? Can't Momma's baby get a drink? Does she need the human to pick her up and put her in the sink?"
One of these days I will catch her and tear her ears off and gut her with my back claws....I swear she will not live...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Frickin' Tripod

So like the human is not hanging around as much as she used to, and she's not being as touchy-feely as she used to be either. I wonder what's wrong with her?
In the meantime, I've discovered that stuipd tripod is screwing up my blog page by putting a lame-o ad IN THE MIDDLE of my page right over the text.... so that no one can read it... what's up with that? I need my own domain...

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