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Saturday, August 21, 2004

What is going on?

So like, I'm in a totally new place, I really want to explore but I'm trapped in a bathroom with no windows. There are these two dogs who keep chasing after me and my poor friend Mabel. The trip here was awful. I was jammed into a tiny plastic box, I had to go but couldn't get out to get to my litterbox I ended up pooping all over myself. It was just terrible. I was trapped in my own excrement for a very long time. All my crying did NOTHING to get that human to help me.

Then we arrive here, she tries to clean me up but all I wanted was to be left alone. Mabel was completely terrorized. She wouldn't even leave her box. We were left there in the bathroom for about a week! We were abandonded and imprisoned! I never would have dreamed my human could do something like that to me.

Finally the door opened and we were allowed to leave but then the dogs appeared. They barked at us and chased us back into the bathroom. Only just this weekend was I able to get out, sit in a window and find the computer. I'm telling you this is nothing but TORTURE! And poor Mabel, she's going to be scarred for life.

I have made it downstairs with the human from time to time, there's a nice new couch, but there's also this guy... he talks nicely to me and pets me....he seems OK....but I don't know, he reeks of those dogs. He must like them.

Oh comes the human...

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