The CLAW Page
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Rawr Rawr Meraw!

HI! Welcome to my CLAW Page!

This is my page all about what I have learned and done while at CLAW. If you aren't sure what CLAW is pay them a visit to learn more! CLAW has a School (both a University and Kittengarten), Theatre, Games, a Garden and much more!
There is a Writers' Society that does both a Journal and a Zine. At the Rainbow Chapel they hold wedding ceremonies and also memorial services for all our friends. If you are a cat, you should join!

This is Queen Midnight. The fearless leader of CLAW.

Here I am wearing my crown. I am the Queen of this castle!

I earned my Bachelors degree and I also won 4th place in the CLAW Cat Show!

The play Titanic is opening soon in the CLAW Theatre I hope that one day soon I'll be able to be in a play at the theatre!

There is so much to do and see at CLAW I am hoping that once my human gets over her excitement of buying this new computer, I'll have more time to participate in all the things I want to do!