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Diamond Divas Ring HTML Fragment

What to do?
Copy and paste the code in the box below onto your web page When you have done that, send an e-mail to and she will check out your page to be sure everythig works. Unfortunately you'll have to upload the ring button graphics to your website directory because Tripod is mean and doesn't allow linking to pictures outside of their domain. If you need help with this contact me at the above email address.

The following replacements apply to this HTML fragment:

--id-- Your SITE ID. It was given to you when you submitted your form to join the ring. Insert your site ID number wherever you see "--id--"
--e-mail-- Your e-mail address should be added in the "mailto" area (
--your name-- Your name should be inserted in the space after the "mailto" tag where it says "YOUR NAME"

Copy: To use this HTML, copy the tags in the box below and paste it into your webpage.

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