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December 21, 1998

I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! My human has brought in ANOTHER CAT! There is this NASTY skinny little beast walking aroud MY HOUSE acting like she owns the place! What is going on here?? How could she do this to me?!?
What was she thinking? She calls this nasty little thing "Mabel". And this Mabel climbs all over my human's lap, and meows at her acting like she's really cute. I feel so left out. When I try to come near MY human Mabel hisses at me and growls at me. I'm such a wuss I run away. I need to just stand up for myself. This is MY HOUSE! I was here first! This is MY HUMAN! Let her go get her own human! I don't want her here anwyay! She's so skinny I could crush her!
Oh she comes!!