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December 6, 1997

Today I was taken back to the vet for another x-ray. They have found that yes indeed I have feline asthma. I'm glad it wasn't a heartworm. That could have killed me!
It was a much easier ride this time. I didn't hide under the car seat. I couldn't because my human bought me a new carrier. It's ok. She put a towel in the bottom to keep the plastic from making my paws cold.
After the vet I was brought back home and given some cat treats. Speaking of cat treats. My human has begun to give me my pill by sticking it in the soft cat treats. I know the pill is there. But after that first humiliating experience of having it shoved down my throat, I've decided to be nice and take my pill without any fuss. Sometimes I'll push the pill out onto the floor, just so I can get a second cat treat. But I don't do that too often because I just don't want to fight with her.


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