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Welcome to the PAGE-O-LINKS!

If you know of a page you think should be included here or you have a website and want want to be listed just send me the URL! I'll add it to the list!

Links Links Nothing But Links!!!

Bijou's Pet Revolt
My cat is trying to unite the pets of the world to take over.
Kalifornia's Humble Home Page
Meet my friend, Kalifornia!
Angelique's Green Men Sightings and Fun
Meet the Goddess Spammy, and my adopted little sister
Stellamia's Home Page
Meet my sister-in-law, Stellamia
Mikie's Rumpus Room
This is my brother, check out his page.
The Bob Files
This is my friend Bob, he has a very cool site, with poetry and stories and some comics. He has won awards for his page, check it out!
WTTW - Your Window To The World
Chicago's Public Television Station
Yes, this IS a link to the Cental Intelligence Agency. A very fun place.
Yes, this IS a link to The Federal Bureau Of Investigations. Also a fun place. I have dreams of joining them. One day...I will be one of them.
Bill Nye The Science Guy
The link to Bill Nye and his infinite wisdom
Dr Seuss's Seussville
If you like Dr Seuss, go here silly goose
The Smithsonian Instutition Home Page
A plethora of knowledge awaits you here
Parrot Island
THE place for Jimmy Buffet fans
Bert Is Evil
A must see page for all who love and remember Sesame Street. Not for young children. May be offensive to the easily offended
Mr Edible Starchy Tuber Head
THE toy of the web
Ben Folds Five
The best band website I've seen yet. If you haven't heard of them check them out!
My favorite snack food (after pretzels of course) M&M's the breakfast of champions! Check out this fun site, you'll love it!
Megadodo Publications
Home of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Starfleet Command
Home of the Star Trek role playing game that I used to participate in. Very fun you should join!
The Q Continuum
I love Q and here is a page dedicated to him
If you want your fortune read go here
Witches' Voice - Boston
One of the most informative websites for those interested in witchcraft
The Craft
Another very informative website for those interested in witchcraft and wicca
Free pagan newspaper in the Pacific North West
The Onion
My favorite free news weekly
The Reader
A great Chicago news and entertainment weekly paper
The Museum of Advertising Icons. This site was sent to me by my dear friend, harryb47. It is so cool take a look at all the toys they have
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