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Come check out the society for cats only! This is a great bunch of felines.I'm in their web ring!

Purina Petcare Center
Have your humans check this out. This will help them to keep you healthy until we take over the world.
The Onion
America's finest news source. Check this out to see how silly some humans are.
The Reader
Chicago's free news weekly. A fine source for news and entertainment.
Astrid's Realm
My human's page. She put me on a diet because I didn't have her listed here, perhaps now she will take me off this rotten diet.
Electronic Zoo
An excellent source for animal news and health related items.
Net Vet
A great source for healthcare information.
AVMA Care For Pets
The American Veterinary Medical Association site. You can look for a good vet here or just browse around and find out about stuff.
Kalifornia's Humble Home Page
My human's friend's page. She said she'd feed me more if I link her here, but she still hasn't yet.
Bella's House
My new friends' Domino & Bianca's human's page. She said she'd link to me, so I'm going to link to her!

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