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December 25, 1997

Well, Merry Christmas! My human isn't even here. She left yesterday morning and never came back. Some Christmas this is. I'm left alone here because my human's friend left too. But I think she's coming back.
And I didn't even get a present. I never get any presents. Why don't I get a present or two?!? Does she think I don't appreciate presents? Does she think that just because I'm a cat I don't understand the meaning of Christmas and giving and receiving presents? She signs my name on the gifts she gives to people, why can't she give me a gift of my very own? She even took the liberty of sending a Christmas card to the vet on my behalf! Like I want HIM to have a Merry Christmas!?! The beast man-handled me and stuck me with a needle!! I didn't catch her sending cards to her doctors!
Well, I hope you all have a good Christmas, or at least one better than mine.


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