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January 17, 1998

I don't believe this, this is amazing. The stupidity of the humans around me never ceases to amaze me. My human was home all day today and she was poking around at my website and the directory and all that, and she ERASED my index.html page! The page that greets you, the page that lists where everthing is here at my web site! How stupid is that?!? Now, I am making her rebuild everything I have done. So there are several changes. First, the lion is gone. I couldn't find the picture. Tripod has this picture gallery but the pictures pop up randomly so, I have no idea what the address was for that pic. I've replaced it with a cat tearing my web page open. I like that cat better anyway.
I have begun taking classes at CLAW. I've passed my first 3 tests and I am earning points toward a degree. I'm very excited. I have also joined the Ferocious Fe-Lions. On Monday I will make my human put the graphics and a link to the Fe-lions on my new homepage. Yes I've been quite a busy little cat this weekend.
So busy, I think I need to take a nap now.