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June 28, 1998

My human has been hanging around here way too much for the past couple of months I can't get anything done here, I get no peace and quiet, she follows me around everywhere I go. I can't get away from her! When she's at work I can't get near the keyboard at all cuz she has so much stuff piled all over the place she manages to bury it so that I can't find it to do anything. Not to mention the fact that she usually unplugs this thing from the phone line so that if I COULD find the keyboard I couldn't get online anyway.
Well, this place isn't so bad after all. My human got a new bed which is bigger than her old one so now I can sleep on the bed by her (while I wait for her to wake up and feed me) and there is enough room that if she rolls over she wont crush me. There is a dog that lives next door. I can watch him out the kitchen window. He barks and barks and walks back and forth. He doesn't seem to do much with his outdoor privileges.
If I could get outside, I'd do a lot more than just walkd back and forth. I'd jump over that fence and I'd be exploring everything I see. I'd try to figure out where my human goes every time she walks out that door. I'd try to find all the nice dogs and cats and other animals that have sent me e-mail. I'd also try to find out where my good friend Katie the dog went. I heard she isn't living with my human's brother anymore.
I can't chew on the plants here anymore, she's managed to move my salad bar out of reach. That wasn't very nice of her was it?
Well I guess that is all that is new.