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November 28, 1997

Today I was taken from my home. My human made me go to the VET! I hate her so much for forcing me to go there. Her friend held me in the car on the way there. I don't know what my human did with that box she used to put me in,but I'm very glad that it is gone.
At the vet my human told the doctor that I've been coughing a lot. And I have. It was horrible. I couldn't catch my breath. Every time I started coughing my human would run over to me and put a piece of paper in front of me. I wasn't coughing up a hairball! But you know how stupid some humans can be. I couldn't breathe and she is getting mad at me for not coughing up a hairball.
The doctor took me into another room where they x-rayed my chest. Then he brought me back to my human. I was so mad that my ears were turning red and I was shedding. The doctor told my human it was one of two possible conditions. Either I had a heartworm or feline asthma. He was hoping it would be feline asthma since that is treatable.
He told my human I needed to go on a diet, since he felt I am overweight (what does he know!). Then he gave my human some pills to give me an sent us on our way.
At home my human tried to give me one of the pills, she thought she was being sneaky by putting it in a piece of liver sausage. HA! I know it is there!! I wouldn't eat the sausage. Then my human grabbed me around the waist, practically sat on me, pried open my mouth and shoved the pill down my throat!! How humiliating!! I have decided THAT will never happen again.
Gotta run. I'll write more agian soon.


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